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Aeropress Go – Coffee Maker


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The AeroPress Go is slightly smaller but it gives you all the great brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress packed inside a mug with a lid that makes it easy to transport. You can have delicious AeroPress brewed coffee while camping, traveling, boating, at work, or wherever you go. Its total immersion, rapid filtering process extracts smooth, rich coffee and then is done before slow over extraction yields bitterness and high acidity. It’s that simple. This is in contrast to the bitter taste and high acidity that is produced by slow brewing devices such as a French press. The AeroPress Go is versatile; it can brew hot filter style or cold brew coffee and also espresso style coffee that opens up the possibility of making lattes and other espresso based drinks. Every AeroPress Go includes 350 paper micro-filters.

22 in stock (can be backordered)

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